These terms and conditions specify and clarify the rights and obligations of the seller (provider) online store, which is Aura Design, Inc., ID 29362857, VAT CZ29362857, based Milady Horakove 1954/7, Brno, postcode 602 00 For more information about the seller finds a buyer in the "Contacts". All contractual relations are concluded in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. If a party to a consumer, the relations that are not covered by these terms and conditions, by Act No. 40/1964 Coll., The Civil Code (the "Civil Code"), and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection (hereinafter referred to as "Zos"). If a party to an entrepreneur, the relations that are not regulated otherwise, the Commercial Code (No. 513/1991 Coll.), All as amended. The customer confirms that he accepts the terms and conditions for the supply of goods declared by the seller. These Terms and Conditions are adequately buyer before placing the order notified and has the opportunity to become acquainted with them.

Consumer contract - purchasing, work, or other contracts under the Civil Code, if the parties are on the one hand, consumers and other supplier, respectively. seller.
Supplier / seller - a person who, in concluding and performing a contract acts in a business or other business. It is the entrepreneur who, directly or through other business supplies the buyer with products or services.
Buyer consumer - the person who executes and the contract does not act in a commercial or other business activity. It is a natural or legal person who buys products or services for purposes other than trading with these products or services.
A purchaser who is not a consumer - a businessman who buys goods or services used for the purposes of its business with these products or services.
Purchase contract - placing the offer for sale of goods on the website of the seller expresses their willingness to enter into a contract to purchase goods, or. services under such conditions. The purchase contract is binding upon receipt of an order from a buyer to seller. From that moment between the buyer and the seller created mutual rights and obligations.
Terms and conditions - contractual arrangements between the seller and the buyer in this paper.

You can easily and conveniently using a shopping cart, phone, e-mail or in writing to our address.
The contract, only the goods specified in the order - in the purchase contract. Dimensions, weight, capacity, and other information provided on our website, catalogs, brochures and other printed materials are based on data from manufacturers.
We commit ourselves to the buyer only deliver goods in perfect condition, in accordance with the contract and the specifications and features usual for the type of goods complying with set standards, rules and regulations applicable in the Czech Republic and also properly equipped Czech manuals, warranty lists and directories after warranty service centers, where for a given commodity usual.
Condition for the fulfillment of our electronic order is complete all required data specified in the order form. In particular, especially more difficult cases, the seller reserves the right to require the buyer to confirm the order, personally or by telephone, and pay a financial backup.
The contract is concluded in the Czech language, unless there are circumstances of the buyer or sold, it can be concluded by the parties in a comprehensible language. Amounts to a contract with the buyer operating in the Czech Republic are in CZK, amount to a contract with the buyer operating in the European Union are in EUR. The contract (order buyer) is archived by the seller in order to successfully meet and is not accessible to third parties. Information on individual technical steps leading to a contract are shown in the ordering process in an online store and the buyer has the option to order before sending it checked and repaired. By placing an order while confirming the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided. Cost of using the means of distance communication (telephone, Internet, etc.) for the order are the normal rate, depending on the rate of telecommunications services that the customer uses.

The order is taken within 24 hours confirming receipt of the order is automatically sent by e-mail. Seller is not liable for delivery of e-mail, if there is a technical problem with the recipient (incorrectly entered e-mail address, mail server is temporarily unavailable, the recipient's mailbox is full). Seller reserves the right to contact the buyer to specify the goods ordered, billing data or the data for delivery of goods.
For businesses, the seller reserves the right to ask the buyer to obtain evidence necessary information or copies of the documents needed to comply with the laws in force in the Czech Republic for entities registered in the Czech Republic and the laws in force in the European Union for entities registered in the EU (including the verification of VAT in case of sale without VAT which can not verify this information in electronic form).
Seller reserves the right to refuse an order if the buyer has 2x the calendar year demonstrably intact and refused to accept the order corresponding to the consignment, and exercised the right to cancel the order.

Each order, the buyer may cancel up to 24 hours and withdraw from the contract without giving any reason. May do so by phone or e-mail (just bring your order number, name, e-mail address and a description of the ordered goods or services)

Buyer consumer who enters into a contract with the help of means of distance communication (via the webshop, by telephone, fax, etc.), has the right to rescind the contract under § 53 paragraph 7 of the Civil Code, within 14 days from receipt of goods without giving any reasons and without any penalty.
Conditions for refund:
Buyer-seller is obliged to deliver his speech will terminate the contract by 14 calendar days from receipt of the matter (it is recommended to do so preferably in writing, which provides easier verifiability of the legal act, canceling the contract)

-The goods must be intact, if possible in the original packaging. If there is a partial deterioration or depletion, the Buyer shall reimburse the Seller for the missing value in money, unless otherwise agreed,
-Shipment must include proof of payment (or other document evidencing the purchase of the product by the seller)
-Will be refunded the money for the goods, the cost of shipping and handling paid by the buyer in full,

-Goods returned by the carrier (PPL, DPD, Czech Post, TopTrans and others) must be properly packed, fitted lining, strictly in accordance with the conditions of carriage of the carrier chosen.

-Seller has the right to refuse a damaged shipment (as well as the buyer upon receipt of the goods ordered). The buyer is then obligated to damages for such item damaged recover after shipping companies,

-The buyer is obliged to deliver the goods in ordinary parcel shipments without cash on delivery. Packages sent COD will not be accepted.

-In case of compliance with the above procedure returns the seller to the buyer within 30 days from the date of withdrawal of the purchase price paid, or reduced by the amount of adequate compensation for the reduced value of the goods being returned in the form of a credit note.

The right of withdrawal does not apply, in accordance with § 53 paragraph 8 of the Civil Code. z in the case of contracts:

-The provision of services if their performance was begun with the consumer's agreement before the expiry of 14 days from the receipt of benefits,
-The supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations of financial markets beyond the control of the supplier,
-For the supply of goods made to the consumer or wishes to his person, as well as goods that are subject to rapid deterioration, wear and tear,
-Delivery of audio and video recordings and computer programs, if a consumer destroyed their original packaging,
-For the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines
-From games or lottery.

This law serves as a way of dealing with delivery of defective goods.

Seller sends the goods ordered by default on delivery. By default, uses the services of PPL and the Czech Post. You can also arrange personal collection at our premises by prior arrangement by telephone. In case you are on our route wrecker, you will be informed of delivery by telephone or email. For more information about prices and conditions of carriage, see Shipping.
Seller reserves the right to select another form of shipment of the goods, if necessary for the safe delivery to the buyer (especially larger consignments), while the price of transport may change. The seller is also obliged to inform the buyer of this fact and the buyer is entitled for that reason to withdraw.

Ordered goods are sent by default on delivery, but on request it is possible to arrange a different payment method. Is it possible to pay for goods in advance, cash, transfer to our account on the proforma invoice, in exceptional cases, you can agree a payment on an invoice. Also included is a tax document containing the delivery item, identify the seller and the buyer.
Prices on the website are valid at the time of ordering. All prices quoted by the seller in this online store are final consumers, ie including VAT and all other mandatory fees (eg PHE - fee for historical WEEE, etc.) that the consumer must pay for the acquisition of goods. The final price will be listed in the order and in the message confirming receipt of your order the goods. The buyer has the option of the consumer before making the order to familiarize with the fact how long the offer or the price remains valid.
Seller reserves the right to change the prices of the goods where the goods are at the time the order is not in stock or a change in the inventory within 24 hours of ordering so that the order can not be momentary and stock deal. The seller is also obliged to inform the buyer immediately.

Delivery time is in stock 1-7 working days if the goods specified otherwise. Each product in the catalog features the stock availability and order is processed as soon as possible after loading order of all items in required quantity.
Seller reserves the right to inform the buyer of the goods ordered are unavailable while offering an alternative to the buyer from the catalog if available.

Any complaints are handled to the satisfaction of the buyer selling individual agreement and in accordance with applicable law. Terms of claim (ie, application of conflict with the contract or the liability for defects) are governed by these terms and conditions and at the buyer's consumer Civil Code, the Law on Consumer Protection and other relevant legislation, the buyer and not the consumer, then the Commercial Code and related regulations. The purchaser is not a consumer is required goods at the delivery time to detect possible defects and damage. If the takeover is detected defect caused by the carrier, the buyer is not a consumer is required to report such defects to the Seller and delivery service within 3 days of delivery. The complaint identified after this time will be disregarded. A purchaser who is a consumer, should in their own interest should take similar steps to take over things, prevents any possible inconveniences during the claim because of damage to goods in transit. However, if the consumer buyer fails to comply with this procedure, there is no prejudice to his right to claim.
On all consumer goods covered by warranty for 24 months, unless the warranty card given period is longer. The warranty period starts from of the sale and this is extended for a period of time from the proper application of legitimate consumer complaints, up to the time when the consumer is required for settlement of the claim the goods from the complaint procedure to pick up. In the case of exchange of goods for the new warranty period begins on the new warranty.
The warranty does not cover:

-Defects caused by normal use of the product
-Misuse of the product
-Installation of the product in the environment for which the product is not intended
-Improper storage

Buyer Seller is responsible for ensuring that the asset sold is to take over the buyer in accordance with the purchase agreement. Coincidentally with the contract then means in particular that the thing sold is free from defects and that the quality and properties required by the contract, the seller or manufacturer discussed, or on the basis of their expected by the ads, or quality and properties of this kind of thing normal , that also meets the requirements of the legislation and met the objective of the seller for the use of case stated or for that matter normally used.
In the event that the matter upon receipt by the buyer is not in conformity with the contract (hereinafter referred to as "conflict with the contract"), the buyer has the right to the seller free of charge and without undue delay, the case brought by the state of the corresponding purchase contract, and as requested by Buyer exchange either case, or correction, if such a procedure is not possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount on the price or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the buyer for breach of contract knew or conflict with the contract he has caused. Conflict with the purchase agreement, which will take effect within six months of receipt of the matter shall be deemed to have already existed in its takeover, if not in the nature of the case or if it is proven otherwise.
Complaint Procedure:

-Tell us about the complaint by telephone, e-mail or in writing
-Send goods as registered parcel to our address; shipments sent COD will not be taken
-To indicate the reason for return shipment (especially description of the defect), your address
-Attach proof of purchase of the goods claimed in our shop

The complaint immediately decide, in complicated cases within three working days. This period does not include reasonable time by type of product or service required for a professional assessment defect. Your complaint will be filled as soon as possible, within 30 days of application. After the expiry of that period, the consumer has the same rights as if it were a defect which can not be removed (see below).
After filing a complaint will issue a written confirmation about when the law is applied, the contents of the complaint and what method of dealing with complaints require, and further confirmation of the date and manner of settling the claim, including confirmation of the repair and its duration, or a written justification for rejection complaint.
According to the nature of the defect, the consumer has the guarantee:

-If it is a removable defect, the right to free, fair and timely removal of defects, replacement of the defective goods or defective parts, if not the nature of defect, and if such a procedure is not possible, the right to a reasonable discount from purchase price or withdraw from the contract
-In the case of irremovable defect preventing proper use of property, the right to replace the defective goods or to withdraw from the contract
-In the case of removable defects occurring in large numbers and repeatedly to prevent the proper use of the goods, the right to replace the defective goods or to withdraw from the contract
-In the case of other defects unrecoverable and is not required to exchange things, the right to a reasonable discount on the purchase price or to withdraw from the contract

Personal data (specifically, the name, surname and address) buyers are kept in compliance with the applicable laws of the Czech Republic, in particular the Law on Personal Data Protection No. 101/2000 Coll. subsequent amendments and regulations. Personal information is protected from disclosure and use of a third party. They are used only for sending the ordered consignments for communication with the customer and for the sending of commercial communications (such as putting a new product on the market). Buyer agrees with the conclusion of the processing and collection of personal data in our database after successful completion of the contract up to the time of his written statement of disagreement with this processing. The buyer has the right to access your personal data and the right to rectify including other statutory rights to such data.